ThinKiosk - Software defined Windows Thin Clients

A software-only solution that repurposes existing Windows devices into secure, fully-featured, centrally managed Windows thin clients.

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Key Benefits

  • Repurpose existing hardware
  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Centralized management
  • Maximise your VDI investment
  • Support for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft

Secure Remote Worker - Secure connectivity from a personal Windows device

A software-only solution that turns a personal Windows device into a secure software defined thin client enabling secure remote access and BYOD.

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Key Benefits

  • Connect from Personal Devices
  • PCI Compliance
  • End Point Validation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Remove logistical complexities

IntelliPerform - Powering the optimization of desktop performance

A software optimization solution that maximizes the performance of desktop infrastructure resources.

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Key Benefits

  • CPU Optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Advanced rules-based engine
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Centralized management
05 September 2019

ThinKiosk 5.4 Release

ThinKiosk was released in 2015 as the first Windows-based PC to thin-client converter.  Today, with the release of 5.4 we have added a number of additional features focused on improving performance and experience (full details in the release notes). We've picked a few features to talk about below, these features improve the end-user experience by bringing the functionality of Windows into the secured ThinKiosk UI - providing that ease of use people are accustomed to. Whether it be in multi-monitor environments or presenting on 4K televisions, 5.4's got you covered!

Identify and duplicate display options

ThinKiosk was one of the first thin-client solutions to provide full multi-monitor support and now we've added more functionality. End-users can now identify their screen displays and duplicate their displays within the ThinKiosk UI.















With this we have integrated the known Windows functionality, effectively replicating what is available in the standard Windows control panel within the secured ThinKiosk framework.

DPI Scaling for 4k/UHD televisions and displays

DPI display scaling is now supported by ThinKiosk, ensuring quality display output regardless of the screen size or resolution.
With this, we are bringing full Windows functionality directly to ThinKiosk's secured environment.

This enhancement allows ThinKiosk to support UHD (4k) and greater display resolutions. Ideal for high-quality presentations, advertising screens, high-end graphic design & more!

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Favourite Applications Ribbon

This feature was heavily requested by our users! We have added a favorite applications folder directly to the main ribbon in the ThinKiosk UI which allows admins to designate favorite applications  within a folder in the ThinKiosk task-bar, giving them an extra way to display their end-users resources. These applications can be local or published.

Favourite Apps








This allows admins the ability to be more versatile in providing their users access to environment resources securely, rather than only relying on shortcuts. Great if you want to clean up your end user's work-space!

You can read the release notes for ThinKiosk 5.4 in our new Knowledge Base!  You can find out more about how these solutions work and more by visiting our solutions page.

Download a free trial and see these features in action!
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See these features in action in our on-demand webinar
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The ThinScale Team

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